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Let's Get to Work!


Use the calendar below to view my availability. Any "Open" times are available for booking:



Determine which service you'd like to use!

(I'd recommend checking out option #4 for discounted service, avoiding space fees, and for a great way to work your on-camera skills!)

Fill out this contact form to request an appointment!


Last Minute Lines

Need to make sure you've got your lines down, so you can actually listen and engage with your reader?  Let's meet at a coffee shop in Midtown or Union Square to review your lines and discuss any last-minute thoughts you might need to hash out before you get in the room.

Cost breakdown:

15 min | $10 for coaching

+ projected coffee-to-sit cost of $5


Sides and Monologues

We'll talk about the story of the scene, run lines, try out fun options -- anything and everything it takes to get to finding your joy in the scene.

Cost Breakdown:

30 min | $30 for coaching

45 min | $40 for coaching

60 min | $50 for coaching

+ projected room cost of $30*

*if the room cost is less than $30, you'll be refunded the difference! 


Self-Tape Session

Take a deep breath, let's pin a sheet to a wall, and we'll get it done in less time and more fun than it'd take to rip off a band-aid really slowly and painfully.

Cost Breakdown:

60 min | $50 for coaching

+ projected room cost of $30*

*if the room cost is less than $30, you'll be refunded the difference!


Skype Session

Or FaceTime!  Don't want to pay for space?  Prefer to work in the comfort of your own home?  I can still help you prep an amazing audition!  This is actually one of the best ways to work on-camera auditions, or to prep a self-tape.

Cost Breakdown:

Last Minute Lines

20 min | $10

Side Work & Self-Tape Prep

30 min | $25

60 min | $45


Reader Rental

30 min | $30

I'm always happy to be your reading partner in the room.  But if you'd like some laser focus on you and your brilliant work, I'd recommend bringing a reader with you to our session -- or using one of my team of FREAKIN AWESOME actors to be a reader for you!


Hang tight!  I'll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm our work time.  In the meantime, check out these tips for prepping for your audition!

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