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How much do services cost?

The cost breakdown for each service can be found on the Book Online page!  They differ depending on what service you'd like to utilize, but the costs are all intended to be as low as possible.  Prepping your best audition shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, and should be something you can do again and again without breaking your bank!  If you find that you absolutely can't afford the cost, just let me know.  While I may not be able to accommodate a lower cost, I can always chat about possible alternative solutions!

What if I need last minute help and you're not available?  (WHAT EVEN IS THE POINT?)

Good question.  If my calendar is marked as busy, there's still a chance that I can meet you for a last minute line sesh!  And if not, I'm more than happy to recommend some other incredible coaches who may be able to lend a hand.  Never fear -- request a service through the contact form and I'll get in touch with you ASAP.

How do I pay you?

Let me count the ways!  Cash and Venmo.  So.  Two I guess.  Thank you!

Who died and made you Queen of the Auditions?

Dear God, no one!  No one died!  What a question!  I'm in no way an authority on the Perfect Audition.  We're all broken and bruised and faulted and failing in our own ways.  But I do derive a lot of happiness from studying text (I have a B.A. in Comparative Arts: a subset of Comparative Literature with foci in French, literary theory, creative writing, and acting, so there's some degree-dropping for you).  I love collaborating with actors to locate the joy in their work, and I've been told I've got a pretty solid eye for detail-oriented problem-solving.  And the more we work together, the sharper I'll become at working with you in particular.  If you're still on the fence and want to give it a tentative try, feel free to request an info chat or a skype session here!

Ok fine, can you prove it?

The best way to find out if we work well together is to try working together.  But here's some nice stuff that people have said about me as a coach that might be useful:

"While we shared a dressing room together, Sasha helped me prepare for five auditions. I booked three of them and had callbacks for the other two. That did not happen because that’s what normally happens with me. That happened because Sasha is a WIZARD.”

- Talene Monahon (booked with Playwrights Horizons, Roundabout Theatre, and others)

"There are few coaches whose presence I am more comfortable in and whose intuition I trust more than Sasha’s. She is incredibly perceptive to an actor’s needs, and uses her knowledge and experience to mold what you give her into a finer product. She somehow manages all of this with a glorious sense of humor and the most genuine words of encouragement.”

- Miles G. Jackson (actor, The Last O.G.)

"Sasha is the bee's knees! I've never seen an approach to on tape auditioning quite like hers. Really effective technique. And what a spark of life and joy!"

- Brian Quijada (actor and theatre-maker, Where Did We Sit on the Bus?)

"Sasha meets you where you live as an artist. She's curious and insightful about your process and your ambitions, has sharp instincts and deep compassion, and she's an absolute blast to work with."

- Greg Carere (actor, The Maid's Tragedy)

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